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Making a living in music is a difficult thing. To teach another person about music is a beautiful thing. If you pursue a bachelor's degree in music education, you may be able to combine those two statements into a steady and fulfilling career.

Courses for a bachelor's degree in music education typically include musicology, musical theory, and pedagogy of music. Remember: you must become not only an expert in music, but an expert in teaching. Your future students deserve nothing less.

It may also be a good idea to think about what grade level you would ideally like to teach, and take specialized courses in that area. For example, if you know that you want to teach music to children, take a child psychology course.

Today, all this can be done through online education. Because students can learn from teachers all over the world, online education can be an especially appealing option.

In 2007, median music teacher salaries were $55,190 and the top 10 percent earned just under $100,000. Of course, for music teachers, money isn't everything.

Music is.

Music Education Bachelor Degree and Programs