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Earning a bachelor's degree in intelligence studies can open the door to many careers in government and the private sector. Whether you want to work for a big corporation or the federal government, it all starts with an intelligence studies degree. Those best suited to work in intelligence are curious, pay close attention to detail, think analytically, communicate very well and enjoy new challenges. They work well with others but can respect the need for privacy and confidentiality.

Crack the code with an intelligence studies program

The federal government is the largest employer of those with intelligence degrees, as well as the largest employer in the United States. Earning a bachelor's degree is often the minimum requirement for any entry-level position. Courses can include research and intelligence collection, cyber crime, basics of law enforcement, information systems, ethics and more. Some intelligence studies courses can be taken online.

The actual number of people employed by government entities like the Central Intelligence Agency or National Security Agency is not released, due to security concerns. However, the federal government is always hiring new workers, and in 2008 employed more than two million people, excluding those working for the postal service.

Bechelor's Programs in Intelligence Studies