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Traditionally, office managers and other high-level clerks gained office procedures training on the job. Experienced co-workers would coach trainees on the policies and systems in a company. In the era before common standards and regulations, many support staff "locked in" to their company's way of doing things.

Contemporary Office Procedures Training

Today's job market is much more volatile, as employers often recruit the best candidates from their competitors. Office procedures training can make you eligible for a significant promotion at your current employer. Or, you can take your new skills into a job market that rewards talent and motivation. Either way, an understanding of universal best practices in offices can set you apart from other candidates for highly competitive job placements.

Office Administration Certification Programs

Online education in office administration is an excellent way to improve your career prospects without disrupting your current career. By doing your certificate in office administration through online education, you can gain in-demand skills at times that suit you. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that secretaries and administrative assistants was among the occupations with the largest employment in the U.S. economy in 2007.

Preparing for a Job in Office Administration through a Diploma Program

Earning a diploma in office administration through online education can be an efficient way to qualify for jobs. These programs generally take only 6-12 months to complete, and culminate in a diploma you can instantly add to your resume. Online education allows you to complete the program at your own pace, too.

Typical diploma courses include:

  • Computer systems
  • Microsoft Office
  • Corporate communications
  • Recordkeeping
  • Bookkeeping

You can also use your diploma to pursue further career training, like computer systems certification, or an associate's or bachelor's degree program. Graduates of diploma programs pursue office administration jobs in all types of businesses and organizations. They work part- or full-time in office environments and often enjoy consistent employment.

Career Outlook

Potential careers with office administration education:

Bookkeeping Clerks:

  • Median annual salary for bookkeeping clerks in 2010:  $34,030
  • Number of jobs, 2010:  1,898,300
  • Job growth (2010-2020):  14% (about as fast as average)

Bill and Account Collectors:

  • Median annual salary for bill and account collectors in 2010:  $31,310
  • Number of jobs, 2010:  401,700
  • Job growth (2010-2020):  14% (about as fast as average)

Other possible careers:

  • Financial Clerks
  • Information Clerks
  • Loan Officers


Office Procedures Courses