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If you live in the Los Angeles/Long Beach/Santa Ana area, consider how an online degree can help boost your career. Drastic budget cuts have made California's public universities more expensive and harder to get into. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, California has cut the state funding for higher education by 15.8 percent from 2008-14. In November 2014, the University of California decided to increase the tuition fees by 27.6 percent over next five years. Online schools are an alternative, offering flexible, affordable, high-quality degree programs.

In-Depth Information about Los Angeles Online Degrees

An education from accredited online schools in Los Angeles means you can arm yourself with an education and can graduate with a degree that showcases your achievements. All of the following majors, identified by the U.S. Department of Education as the most popular among undergraduates, are offered by Los Angeles online schools:

  • Business
  • Social sciences
  • Health sciences
  • Education

There are also many excellent brick-and-mortar colleges in the Los Angeles area, and many of these offer classes that have mixed online and on-campus components. These classes are an option if you are studying a subject, such as film production, that requires you to work with specialized equipment that a school provides on-site.

Online Degree Programs in Los Angeles: Which Degree Levels Do They Offer?

Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Santa Ana online schools offer degrees at every level. Your earning potential increases with each degree you attain. These national median weekly wages for each degree level paint a clear picture.

  • Doctoral: $1,591
  • Professional: $1,639
  • Master's: $1,326
  • Bachelor's: $1,101
  • Associate: $792

(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

    Online schools in Los Angeles also offer certificate programs to equip you with specific skills, such as Web design, that allow you to enter a particular job market or advance your career within an industry.

    Los Angeles Degree Programs: What Are the Benefits?

    According to Forbes magazine, commuters in the Los Angeles area spend an average of 72 hours each year stuck in traffic. Making the Internet your classroom saves you gas and spares you the time-suck of another round-trip on the freeway. Kiplinger's Personal Finance ranks Los Angeles as having the fourth-highest cost of living in the country, so it's important for many people to be able to work and go to school at the same time. The flexibility of Los Angeles online schools enables students to access the virtual classroom anywhere there is an Internet connection.

    Which Jobs in Los Angeles Can You Get After Earning Your Degree?

    Online schools in Los Angeles award the necessary degrees to enter some of the fastest-growing occupations in the state. Many of these jobs are in the health care and computer/tech industries. The BLS reports impressive nationally projected employment growth and median annual income figures for these four hot jobs:

    • Physician's Assistant: 38 percent growth, $97,280
    • Computer Software Engineer, Applications: 22 percent growth, $87,900
    • Surgical Technologists: 30 percent growth, $45,010

    Finally, keep in mind that earning a degree not only leads to higher pay, but to a greater likelihood of landing a job. The BLS reveals that the 2014 unemployment rate for people with high school diplomas was 2.5 points higher than for people with a bachelor's degree.

    Online Schools in Los Angeles