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How Long Does Beauty School Take?

How long does beauty school take?


After submitting an application and being accepted to beauty school, the length of time a student spends in school is entirely up to that student. Each state has a different amount of hours needed to be eligible to take the state board exam. In California it is 1600, New York 1000, and in Texas it is 1500.

Many times, students in esthetician school have slightly fewer hourly requirements--California requires 600 hours for estheticians, New York 600 and Texas 750. Students who have more than 1,000 hours of instruction to earn should plan to spend a year to a year and a half in school, on a full-time schedule. Part-time students can take up to two years or more, depending on their schedules.

Many private schools offer part-time programs to students who want to attend classes in the evening and on weekends. Most public beauty schools, like community colleges with cosmetology programs, require students to enroll in full-time 40-hour/week programs including technical and practical instruction. Each student punches in and out of a time clock for classes and breaks so that hours may be carefully tracked. Students have the flexibility to miss some classes for doctor's appointments and such, but they are expected to make up any hours they have lost. Every minute counts!

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