Teaching Career with a Degree in Another Field?

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Hi, I'm currently in the process of changing careers from merchandising into teaching. I have a bachelor's degree in Spanish literature and a minor in business. What would be my first step in working towards becoming a kindergarten teacher without having to earn a master's degree in education?

In truth, some private schools only require teachers to hold a bachelor's degree to work at their institutions, and the degree does not necessarily have to be in education. In this competitive job market, however, it may be difficult to make an impression on administrators without the degree or training. A more reliable option is to enroll in a online teaching license program. These programs are perfect for those who dream of becoming a teacher, are ready to make a career change, and hold a bachelor's degree in another field. Generally these programs take a year to complete and offer students adequate teacher training to become licensed in the field. Preparation typically involves online education courses and field work done in schools, that often includes both observation hours and hands-on training in classrooms.

Please consider a second option. I know you said you were looking for options beyond earning a master's degree, however, there are several master's degree programs in education offered online. With these programs you can keep your current schedule and routines and learn at home when the time is convenient for you. Most of these programs take only 2 years to complete, or just one year longer than a teacher license degree program, and get you a graduate degree in the end. No matter which path you decide to take, I wish you luck in your career change as you become a teacher.

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