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What Type of Education do you Need to be a Teacher?

What level of schooling do you need for a kindergarten teacher-a master degree or a PhD?

A kindergarten teacher plays a key role in the social and academic development of the students who enter their classroom everyday. A young kindergartner looks to their teacher for comfort and support as they try to figure out the novelty of school and begin their educational career. It is a job that comes with unbelievable rewards because of the importance teachers have in a child's life.

Your first step to becoming a teacher is to earn a a bachelor's degree in education. You can do this by choosing an on-campus or online university with a teacher preparation program. To become a kindergarten teacher, a bachelor's degree program in elementary education is your best option and will typically allow you to teach kindergarten through 6Th grade. These programs generally take 4 years to complete. In order to teach in a public school you will also need to obtain a license upon completion of your bachelor's program. Many teachers do go on to earn master's degrees and PhDs as they continue down the road of education.

Get started in finding the teacher education program that is right for you and begin your career as an educator!

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