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Careers Working With the Elderly

I have 27 years experience teaching kindergarten, but am ready for a career change to working with the elderly. Which steps should I take do prepare for this type of career change?

Many people are choosing to try out a whole different career in mid-life or even at retirement age. You still want to use your people skills, but instead of working with the youngest members of our society, you are interested in reaching out to the elderly.

What kind of work do you want to do with the elderly? Do you want to teach classes in a senior center, or are you more interested in a medical application, social work, or even helping them with errands and daily living? The type of job you choose will determine whether further education is needed. (nursing or social work careers, for example, require some coursework and training).

I often advise career-changers to try out their area of interest on a volunteer basis first, and there are certainly many opportunities available in every community to help the elderly (also with reading to them, visiting shut-ins, tax preparation, computer training, meal delivery and so much more). That way you can sample a career and see how you want to continue your career development.