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How Can I Get a Computer for School?

I would like to go and get my G.E.D. or high school diploma but I don't have a computer at home. I would like to know how I can get a laptop for my home?

You are absolutely correct that a computer is a key tool for the online program (which I am assuming is your interest) and a laptop is particularly versatile. As you already probably are aware, a good laptop can be expensive- however there are many versions that may be more affordable to you.

Your first step should be to do some comparison shopping. You can look both online and in stores to find out what options exist at various price points. Figure out which features are essential to you, and avoid paying for those you don't need. If you just need the computer for basic Internet use and word processing, you might even be able to function with a used computer (which can be bought online or at a re-used computer store). Once you've found a computer that matches your needs, you can develop a budget to try to pay for it. If you're using financial aid to pay for school, you may even be able to add the cost of a computer into your loans--just remember you'll end up paying interest.

But in the meantime, take advantage of free computers at places like libraries, unemployment centers, and college campuses. These locations can help you make do while you're waiting to get your own computer. Even though it may not be as convenient as having your own computer at home, finishing your diploma can help you qualify for better jobs and eventually afford that laptop!

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