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My mom is a nurse, her cousin's a nurse, and her mom's a nurse. I don't want to be a nurse, but they think I'd be great at it. It doesn't interest me and I don't like being around sick people. Please, help me convince them that this isn't the right path for me. Colleen.

Dear Colleen,

This isn't the usual type of request we get so it caught our attention for sure! If you don't want to go into nursing, that is a decision that you have to make for yourself but we can give you some examples of why some people might not be best suited to become a nurse.

1- Someone doesn't want to work on weekends, holidays, evenings or nights.

Once a person has become a nurse, unless she works in a facility that is closed on weekends or holidays and doesn't have shift hours past so-called regular hours, she will have to work off-shifts. If she really doesn't want to work off-shifts, then nursing is very likely not the right career choice for her.

2- Someone who likes to work alone.

Nursing jobs are almost always team jobs. Nurses have to work not only with each other, but with other health care professionals in order to provide the best patient care possible. Someone who prefers to work alone, as some people do, may have a more difficult time with the teamwork concept.

3- The sight of blood or any body fluid makes someone woozy.

While this isn't a make it or break it deal when it comes to deciding to become a nurse, it's definitely a consideration. There are nursing students who enter the nursing school with a definite problem when they encounter body fluids. There are graduate nurses who have worked for many years who have a difficult time dealing with sputum or vomitus, for example. But for those who want to become a nurse, they find a way to deal with this issue.

However, if nursing doesn't appeal to someone in the first place, then the body fluid thing really doesn't add to its appeal.

4- Someone is judgmental.

We all judge people, whether we admit it or not. There is a difference, though, between judging people ("look at that coat, I don't really like it") and being judgmental ("ugh, look how fat she is. It's disgusting!"). Someone who is judgmental may have a tough time being a nurse because nurses frequently come across patients who push their boundaries and may make them uncomfortable with them, the situation, and even the nurses themselves.

As part of the deal, once someone becomes a nurse he has to accept that patients need care, despite what they do, who they are, and what he believes. This is why there is a clear code of ethics for nurses. If he can't see past that and some people can't then nursing is likely not the right choice for him.

5- Someone who has no interest in health care.

This would is likely the number one reason not to go into nursing. Not wanting to work in health care doesn't make anyone a bad person. Just as some people don't want to become an accountant or a teacher, some don't want to work in health care. Becoming a nurse doesn't mean you always work with sick people. There are, actually, many jobs that involve working with healthy people, such as in well-baby clinics and in areas where the nurses are involved in health awareness.

Good luck in deciding what you do want to do.

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