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Do Nursing CEUs Have to Be Done All at Once?

I’m a new graduate RN and I just found out that I need to have more CEUs than I counted on having to get. I’m so busy – do I have to do them all the time or can I just cram them in at the end of the period so I can say I have them? Do you have to spread them out? And can you do them online? Thank you, LeVonne


Hi LeVonne,

Continuing education credits (CEUs) are required by most health professional governing bodies, such as your state’s board of nursing. This is to ensure that professionals continue to learn once they have officially left school. This life-long learning allows nurses (and others) to explore not only their own areas but others that may be of interest.

As with school work, it’s best if your CEU workload is spread out over the time period, rather than leaving it all for one intensive time. If you are busy, will you be able to afford a big block of time to meet all your CEU requirements in one shot? Of course, only you can answer that, but the chances are if you are busy, then it won’t be easy to set aside this time.

CEUs can be done in person at workshops, through professional journals, and now through online continuing education programs. Just be sure that any online programs are approved by your state's board of nursing.

Find out which CEUs you would be most interested in and see how many hours they are supposed to take. Then, schedule yourself to do them, just as you would schedule yourself a shift for work. In the end, you’ll likely be very pleased that you did it all ahead of time instead of playing catch-up at the last minute.

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