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How Do I Go From MA to LPN?

I have already graduated from a program as a medical assistant but now I want to become an LPN. With my experience as a medical assistant, what would I have to do to become a LPN? From Jawana


Hi Jawana,

The short answer to your question is you have to enroll into a licensed practical nurse (LPN) program at either a local school or through an online program that your state’s board of nursing recognizes.

Here is the long answer.

Medical assistants (MAs) study much of what LPNs study, but not usually in as much depth. The MA programs are shorter and, for various reasons, not considered as nursing. Therefore, there are no bridges from MA to LPN as there are from LPN to registered nurse (RN) or LPN to bachelor’s of nursing (BSN).

Now, this doesn’t mean that a community college or online program may not take any of your courses for credit – they might, but they might not. You would have to approach the college and ask for a review of your transcripts to find out.

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