Can I Take Free GED Classes Online?

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Can I start free GED classes online now?

There have been many questions sent to me about the GED online, so I know that it is a big concern for many how they can get this important credential. It is true that obtaining a GED will likely open up greater opportunities for you so you are smart to pursue it.

I am sorry to tell you, but you really can'€™t get a legitimate GED online, and certainly not a free one. The GED test is given only in official centers (which you can find through your state'€™s Department of Education) and it does cost some money, usually around $100. There may be some grants or aid available in your state to help offset this- you can ask your local office.

If you are seeing ads for a GED test online or a free GED these offers are likely to be scams. On the other hand, there are some accredited online schools which offer a high school diploma. It may take a bit more money and time to get the diploma than the GED but some employers prefer the diploma. To investigate this option look at education websites which feature online high school diploma programs.

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