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Human resources jobs are challenging and vital to the efficient operation of businesses and organizations. Careers in this category include HR specialists, trainers, and employee benefits managers. Labor position jobs, such as mediators and arbiters require an advanced college degree in human resources.

Career Training and Online Education

You can expect to take classes in various core studies regarding staffing, training development, legal HR issues, workforce flow, designing work systems, and HR decision making. A master's degree in human resources can help you to prepare for advancement opportunities.

Human Resources Job Prospects

Because a college degree in human resources is interdisciplinary, your online education can take you in a number of directions. HR managers had a median annual wage of $92,710 in 2007. Compensation and benefits managers make a median annual income of $81,410. The overall job outlook for human resource positions is expected to grow approximately 17 percent from 2008-2016.

Online Human Resources (HR) Master Degrees