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Teaching: If you could pick anyone, dead or alive, famous or not, to be your teacher, who would it be and why?

Entry Title: The Artist, Genius, and Renaissance Master

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Christopher Pence for -
The Jacksonian Era

Danielle Rafferty for -
The Birth of a Decision

by Chanel Green

It takes a lot of intelligence, patience, and determination to be a great teacher. Leonardo Da Vinci would be amazing as my teacher. The Renaissance Master Painter, sculptor, and architect would be the perfect teacher for me. Reason being, I want a career in the art field, so who better than the renaissance master himself, Leonardo Da Vinci?
This revolutionary man was a talented genius at work; not only was Leonardo Da Vinci a fantastic artist, but had a knack for science as well. Due to Leonardo Da Vinci's fascination with science and his in-depth study of human anatomy aided him in mastering the realist art form. While other artists of Leonardo Da Vinci’s era, the renaissance era, were known to create static figures in their works, Leonardo Da Vinci always tried to incorporate movement and expression into his own paintings. All the subjects in his works are painted with great accuracy and detail. With great works such as the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and St. John the Baptist, Leonardo Da Vinci would be the perfect teacher and mentor for me.
Leonardo Da Vinci was not only an excellent artist, but a well-rounded intellectual who in his life time was a scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, painter, sculptor, architect, botanist, artist and musician and writer. He was original and ahead of his time with his art work, as it should be with every that is what makes him as immortalized as he is today; a man I could have learned great things from.

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