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To become a teacher in South Carolina, you need to fulfill requirements of South Carolina teaching certifications. Traditionally, South Carolina teaching certifications had been earned by completing classroom-based education programs and student teaching. But South Carolina's Department of Education has been revising its requirements, making online education courses acceptable and offering an alternative path to becoming teacher certified.

South Carolina's Program of Alternative Certification for Educators (PACE) was established in 2001 as an extension of the 1984 Education Improvement Act. Under PACE, qualified educators in identified shortage subject fields can become a teacher without student-teaching. Still, PACE educators must complete other requirements of South Carolina teaching programs; especially in this instance, online South Carolina teacher certification courses might make sense.

Why Teaching Programs in South Carolina?

South Carolina teaching programs can help you gain credentials you need to become a certified South Carolina teacher in the grade level and field you'd like to teach. According to the South Carolina Department of Education's "Committee on the Teaching Profession," South Carolina and the nation as a whole are facing a critical shortage of qualified teachers. According to the National Education Association, 2008 average teaching salaries in South Carolina were $45,758. With housing prices at nearly 12 percent lower than national averages, teaching can provide a good salary in the state.

Especially if you qualify for PACE, online South Carolina teacher certification should be seriously considered. Hybrid programs are also available, which allow you to take some courses online and some on campus, which means flexibility with greater campus support.

Online South Carolina Teacher Certification