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Earning an online degree in Arizona can give you the skills to find employment within the state's major economic sectors or through niche opportunities that arise. Whether that means entering the business field through one of Arizona's Fortune 500 companies or becoming a writer who promotes tourism in a travel magazine, being prepared is key. Arizona online degrees expand your choices beyond public and private campuses and give you accessible, at-your-fingertips choices.

Living and Working in Arizona

A diverse economy is available to those who attend online colleges in Arizona. Business services, technology and tourism are among the top sectors in the state, but aerospace, electronics and semiconductor manufacturing are increasingly significant. The trade, transportation and utilities field employs the most people in the state and has added employees every month since January 2011, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

A number of Fortune 500 companies located in Arizona could produce leads for college graduates. These include, among others: Avnet, a distributor of electronic components, PetSmart and U.S. Airways. Additionally, the state's economy is recovering, according to Moody's Analytics, a good sign since others remain at-risk or in recession.

Occupations with a large number of openings that require college degrees within the state include those for accountants and auditors, elementary school teachers, physicians and surgeons, and others. Some of these require four-year degrees, but others could require more education to advance.

Earning Online Degree at Arizona

Just one in four state residents has a bachelor's degree in the state, according to the U.S. Census Bureau--slightly below the national average. Arizona online degree programs give residents the opportunity to catch up and to use an education to their advantage while they continue to work, raise a family or pursue new career training.

Arizona's higher education system includes a vast number of schools. There are private and public colleges and some, like the state university system, that offer certificate, undergraduate and graduate coursework online. Other universities offer distance-learning opportunities that cut across a number of fields such as education, engineering, forestry and more.

Career Opportunities for Arizona Graduates

According to the Arizona Department of Commerce, the following occupations are predicted to be among the fastest-growing during the 2008-2018 decade in Arizona (listed along with 2010 state wages and education requirements from the BLS):

  1. Financial examiners: This field is expected to experience 30.9 percent job growth during the decade. Financial examiners earned mean annual wages of $65,730 and usually need a bachelor's degree.
  2. Network systems and data communications analysts: This field is expected to grow by 40.6 percent during the 2008-2018 decade. These analysts earned mean annual wages of $68,360 and usually need a bachelor's degree in a field such as computer science, information technology or management information systems.
  3. Registered nurses: This field is expected to grow by 23.5 percent during the mentioned decade. Registered nurses earned mean annual wages of $70,220 and usually need an associate or bachelor's degree to be able to pass the national testing exam.

Whether you are a recent high school graduate or a seasoned career professional, online schools in Arizona provide you with options. They empower you to seek the education you need and to take the steps toward professional opportunities you desire.

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