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Craft artists create original art from ceramics, glass, textiles, paper, wood, or metal. Fine artists include painters, sculptors, and illustrators who also create original artwork. Some artists sell their own work and some accept commission work from clients. Many work as teachers, museum curators or fine-arts directors. Other jobs include painting restorers, medical and scientific illustrators, cartoonists, printmakers, and multi-media artists and animators.

Enhance your Talent with a Fine Art and Craft Degree

A fine art and craft degree helps develop your natural talents. You'll learn the skills and techniques used in drawing, painting, and illustrating. For a craft degree, you learn how to work in a variety of materials, how to use different hand tools, and how to finish your craft piece. Multimedia artists and animators need at least a bachelor's degree because of the technical expertise required.

Career Outlook at a Glance

  • Percentage of artists who are self-employed: 62 percent
  • Number of multimedia artists in the U.S., 2006: 87,000
  • Number of craft artists: 8,800
  • Number of fine artists: 30,000

Bureau of Labor Statistics, Artists and Related Workers