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Multimedia and Web design professionals are in greater demand than ever. Businesses of all kinds spend a fortune on communications and branding, especially on their websites. Multimedia and Web designers build websites for businesses, newspapers, and other publishing houses. Others work in animation or in the ever-growing video game design industry.

Exciting Careers in Multimedia and Web Design

Competition for jobs in multimedia and Web design is strong, so a college degree is essential. Multimedia and Web design degree programs include animation, video game design, and Web development and design. Associate or bachelor's degree programs cover design principles and electronic imaging and production, which are essential in any multimedia or Web design occupation.

  • Number of multimedia artists in the U.S. as of 2012: 68,900
  • Projected employment growth during 2012-2022: 6%
  • High-demand specialties: Illustrators, Web site developers, Video game designers, Animators
  • Median annual wage as of May 2014: $69,410
  • Top 10% earners as of May 2014: More than $112,030
  • Highest paying industries as of May 2014: Software Publishers, Other Information Services
  • Highest paying states as of May 2014: California, Washington, Massachusetts, New York, Idaho