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5 Careers Behind the Super Bowl Ads

Half the fun of the Super Bowl is watching the commercials. Learn more about the professionals who work to craft a winning ad campaign.

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When a Photo Sells for $4.3 Million

A photo of the Rhine River recently earned the title of most expensive photograph in the world. While you might not become a millionaire, how much could you earn with a degree in photography?

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Art and Design Grads Find Satisfying Careers

Think artists are doomed to starve in a garret? A recent survey of graduates from art degree programs found high levels of employment and satisfaction with their education. Read on for more survey details about careers for art graduates.

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Fashion Schools in Portland, OR

Top fashion schools in Portland, OR can prepare students for a variety of careers in fashion design, merchandising, and more.

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LA Fashion: Who Pays That Much for a T-Shirt?

A newly minted LA fashion designer offers some insight on why a simple piece of clothing deserves its hefty price tag.

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New Fashion District Blossoms in Toronto

Where will your career in fashion design take you? In Toronto, it's the Wingold district for the newest fashion design jobs, scene, and culture.

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The Best Way to Become a Fashion Stylist

To become a stylist you need to be more than a graduate of fashion stylist school. But it's the perfect place to start.

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