Fashion School--The Best Way to Become a Fashion Stylist

The Best Way to Become a Fashion Stylist

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Like any fashion career, you need more than a qualification to make this challenging fashion career work. You need determination, a talent for self-publicity and the ability to get along with people. Sound familiar? Yes--it's like any fashion career. And like any other fashion career, the ideal place to start is fashion school or, better still, fashion stylist school.

Is Fashion School Essential?

Fashion, like life, always has its exceptions. Some people succeed as a fashion stylist without formal schooling by using sheer determination, raw talent and, most importantly, contacts. However, fashion school can be a short-cut in this instance--giving you the formal training in a short time and putting you in contact with all the right people In short, fashion stylist school is the best option for a fashion stylist's career.

Fashion Stylist Tips You Don't Need School For

Above all, a fashion stylist needs to be right up to date with all the latest fashions, and have a knack for creating the right look for each of their clients. Another way of researching this area is to work in fashion retail. This type of experience, coupled with a qualification from fashion stylist school, is an excellent way into this fabulous fashion career.

What Types of Fashion Careers Can You Have After Fashion School?

Fashion stylists work in three main areas after school or training:

  • Fashion stylists for the media
  • Personal stylists
  • Celebrity stylists (Oscars watch out!)

All three of these fashion careers will allow you to live the dream, but be ready for long hours, irregular holidays, and a lot of patience.

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