New Fashion District Blossoms in Toronto

New Fashion District Blossoms in Toronto

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What used to be just string of discount stores has now become Toronto's new fashion district. While fashion design still exists downtown, over 350 fashion designers and wholesalers have set up shop in Toronto's Wingold district further uptown. Tres faccionable!

Where Fashion (and Affordability) is Reliable

In the old brick buildings of Reliable (the sewing machine co.) and a shoe manufacturer can be found Toronto's new fashion design district. The Wingold district has become a thriving center for fashion design (and a great place for a career in fashion design, by the way).

One of the biggest reasons for Wingold's growth is its affordability. Real estate is $12 per square foot, compared to downtown's pricy $17. One fashion designer moved uptown to Wingold after a 200% rent increase on his space downtown.

The New "Fashion District"?

Everything from grass roots fashion designers to Guess and Diesel are apparent in the Wingold neighborhood. Some fashion designers and fashion merchandisers are already calling Wingold the new fashion district of Toronto.

Even retailers are becoming accustomed to visiting Wingold for the fashion design jobs they need completed. One retailer said she doesn't even go downtown anymore for her fashion designs.

Some fashion designers are skeptical of Wingold's potential for supplying successful fashion as well as fashion design jobs. Others praise the glory and the prominence of Wingold, claiming that 90% of the Toronto fashion design world is now there.

Fashion Design Jobs

A career in fashion design isn't just about being a designer. Wingold, for instance, is a great place for other fashion design jobs such as buying and merchandising. Many fashion design buyers are finding their career taking them to the Wingold area more often than downtown.

Just a trend? Maybe but there's no doubt that for the moment, Wingold is the new fashion.

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