Fashion Schools in Portland, OR

Fashion Schools in Portland, OR

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Shifting trends and expensive products have an important place in Portland's fashion boutiques, but haute couture isn't the only outlet for fashion-conscious residents of this hip Oregon city. For fashion design and merchandising students, the city's eclectic style offers its own challenges and rewards.

Portland Fashion Designers Go Vintage

Old meets new in Portland, where thrift stores and secondhand shops welcome some of the city's trendiest residents. The city is home to a number of upscale secondhand clothing chains. Typical fashion design choices in Portland might include:

  • Pairing a casual jeans and T-shirt ensemble with secondhand accessories
  • Featuring bright, unique clothing as the focal point of an eclectic design
  • Studying the look of a retro T-shirt design in order to reproduce it effectively

Fashion Merchandising for a Sustainable Earth

In eco-conscious Portland, producing clothing that contributes to a better planet is both a challenge and a reward for fashion merchandisers. A typical fashion merchandising expert in Portland might have the following challenges in a day:

  • Negotiating prices with local fabric vendors or free-trade markets
  • Researching the business history or materials of producers, vendors, and suppliers
  • Working with local business owners to put together an attractive storefront

Any given student at one of Portland's fashion schools is likely looking for a career in fashion design or merchandising. For graduates who choose to stay local, diverse designs and local trade are refreshing alternatives to the larger markets.