E-Learning for E-Commerce

E-Learning for E-Commerce

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The Internet is the new boomtown for software programmers--especially for those with e-commerce experience. With the explosion of online businesses and growing job opportunities, e-learning provides the perfect opportunity to get the experience you need to get into e-commerce.

The Growth of E-Commerce Means More Jobs

The U.S. Census Bureau estimated a total of $27.5 billion in retail e-commerce sales for the third quarter of 2006--a four and a half percent increase in sales over the previous quarter. From the third quarter of 2005 to 2006, e-commerce sales grew from 2.2% of total retail sales to 2.8%. While the retail sales numbers may fluctuate, the trend is clear: the e-commerce piece of the pie is growing, year over year. E-Commerce degrees online can help you break into this growing business segment.

Why E-Learning?

Online college degrees are the new trend in education. With online degree programs now qualifying for federal financial aid, there are few reasons not to go with an e-learning program. After all, many employers value applicants with an online college degree just as highly as an employee who earned a degree in the classroom. And getting a degree online is often more convenient for the student.

No Traffic, Work from Home

When you compare e-commerce degree programs online and on campus, think through the logistics. With e-learning, there are no parking spaces to hunt down, no crowded campus hallways, no need to lug books from one end of campus to the other. You can work from the comfort of your own home, at your own PC, and get the same education.

If you've already considered a degree in programming and like the idea of working in the growing world of e-commerce, then getting an online college degree could be the perfect start.

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