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Everybody talks about what can be done to make the education system better. Curriculum design professionals actually do something about it. They plan school curricula, deciding what students can be taught and when. Teachers then carry out those plans.

Curriculum Design

In smaller schools, the curriculum design duty may be performed by the principal. However, especially in larger school districts, the job may be performed by a curriculum design specialist.

Curriculum design specialists may perform the following tasks, among others:

  • Ensure the school's curriculum meets students' needs
  • Research teaching methods to ensure teacher's implement the curriculum
  • Design comprehensive and specific educational programs
  • Research, implement, and monitor the use of new technology into the school's curriculum
  • Provide continuing education and instruction for both teachers and administrators

Online Education: Curriculum Design Degree Programs

The rise of online education, can allow busy professionals to pursue continuing education in curriculum design. An online degree in curriculum design may lead to a specialty in a specific area such as science, mathematics, language arts, or reading. An online degree program may include courses in research design, curriculum training, consulting and teacher support, teacher evaluation techniques, as well as observation and analysis of teaching.

While an online degree in curriculum design can be the path into an educational career, most school districts typically require advance training, such as a master's degree as well as a state teacher or administrator's license.

Curriculum Design Career Outlook

Curriculum design is part of the educational administration field, which is projected to grow by 12 percent annually. Curriculum design specialists should see even more significant job growth. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, curriculum design employment opportunities should increase by 22 percent through 2016.

In 2007, curriculum design specialists found employment in the K-12 public education system, at the college and university level, in local government, as well as educational support services. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, curriculum design specialists earned a median annual salary of $55,270 in 2007.

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