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What is Online Education?

Online education is "a classroom without walls," says Dr. Stella Thompson. It's "engaging in assisted, self-directed learning."

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7 Jobs in Online Education

Online degree programs can lead you right back to where you started. Find out more about the job opportunities available in the growing field of virtual learning.

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Online Education: From Spielberg to Shaq

They've got fame, money and accolades, so why would celebrities bother with a college education?

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6 Suggestions for Online Education Success

Online education may be more convenient in many ways than a traditional campus-based education, but how do you determine what programs are best and avoid falling victim to bad habits when planning to pursue online degree programs?

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What Need to Know about Tuition Increases

Think traditional campus college is expensive now? With the recent tuition increases across California's schools, as well as other states, it's no wonder current and potential students are not keeping quiet. Read on to learn more about the largest tuition increase in UC history.

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Grants Offer Education Funding

Grants are a great way to pay for college. Find out how to take advantage of the many grant opportunities out there.

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Course Structure Matters in Online Education

A 2004 study shows that course structure is important when it comes to student satisfaction for online programs. Find out what elements lead to high satisfaction, so you know what to look for in an online course.

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Top Tips for Getting Financial Aid

If you need money for college, don't panic. Find out how you can get in on the billions of dollars of student financial aid that's available.
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Online Education for Students with Disabilities

E-learning could prove to be a helpful tool for college students with disabilities.

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The Value of an Online Degree

Those with college degrees earn higher salaries, contribute more to society, and are healthier than those without. If the costs and time involved in returning to a traditional classroom are prohibitive for you, consider an online degree program.

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How your attitude can affect your job search

Being responsible for your career sets you free. Once you are accountable, you can assess what's working, and eliminate what's not.
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Is Online Education Right for You?

Are you ready to take online courses? Here is a quick self-assesment you can look through to see if you would benefit from taking internet courses.
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