Securing a Better Future: The Value of an Online Degree

The Value of an Online Degree

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College graduates earn 73% more over their working lives than high school graduates, according to the College Board's Education Pays 2004 report. Those with advanced degrees earn double or even triple that of high school graduates.

All seven of the growing job categories for the next decade, including health care, technology, and education, require a college degree. These fields account for 42% of the nation's projected job growth, according to If that doesn't convince you of the value of a college degree, consider this: Over the last decade, our country experienced a loss of 700,000 jobs that required only a high school diploma.

Good News for College Degree Seekers

Of the projected 23 million jobs that will likely be created in the next decade, nearly a third of those are management-related, meaning that they will require a college degree. College graduates are also more likely to volunteer for organizations in their community, donate blood, and be in good health, and are less likely to smoke or become incarcerated.

Earning Your College Degree Online

However, the drawbacks of a college education include the cost, which at traditional institutions averages around $50,000. Then there's the time it takes, and the inconvenience of trying to maintain the salary of a full-time job while taking the necessary classes. Earning that college degree online makes sense.

Online degrees from accredited institutions allow you to continue working in your chosen field, because you learn on your own schedule. You can work as quickly or slowly as you like, and put those skills directly into practice on the job. Getting your education online also arms you with valuable technical knowledge, on which today's employers place a premium. And your ability to work with students and instructors all over the world can put you in the networking forefront, and may offer you better employment chances once you complete your online degree.

The facts are undeniable. Earning a college degree can offer you a greater chance of employment, a higher income, and a better life than a high school diploma alone.

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