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5 Jobs Where You Can Make a Difference

A new survey reveals that many college students are more focused on making a difference than making a boatload of money. Read more about five hot careers that offer an opportunity to give back to the community. 

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Disease Detectives Stand Between You and Contagion

The hit movie Contagion portrays a deadly virus that runs rampant and decimates the world's population in weeks. Scientists say the story isn't all that far-fetched…so who will protect us when the pandemic hits?

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5 Careers in Health Care

Not all health care careers require years of training to become a surgeon. Check out 5 health care careers you can train for with an associate or bachelor's degree.

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5 Essential Attributes for a Great Nursing Career

A nursing career can provide gratifying work, great pay, and significant autonomy. Find out what it really takes to succeed in this rewarding field.

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EMS & Paramedic: Be a Hero in Your Community

Graduates of systems engineering degree programs help companies reduce waste, increase efficiency, and boost workplace morale.

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Four Reasons to Attend Nursing School

Discover why nursing school may be the best training move you'll ever make.

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Nursing Education Online

Nurses make a daily difference in the lives of their patients. With a number of distance learning opportunities and a job market expected to grow faster than average, the future looks bright for nurses.

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