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With the demand for nurses at an all-time high, distance learning is giving students across the world a chance to find a challenging, fulfilling career in healthcare.

Career opportunities in healthcare are everywhere, and job prospects in this life-changing field are only expected to get better. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently listed a variety of nursing-related careers on their list of fastest-growing vocations through 2014. This healthy job market is hungry for qualified nurses, and many students are using distance learning to fulfill the necessary education requirements.

Certification is required to practice as a nurse in the U.S., and hospitals and healthcare centers have their own standards for applicants. A variety of online degree programs are possible, including associate's and bachelor's degrees. Some Licensed Practical Nurse programs can be completed in one year, allowing graduates to use their online degree for a career in a number of specialized fields.

Benefits of an Online Degree in Nursing

  • Students can complete any online degree while they work in the field
  • Flexibility of scheduling allows students to hold a job while pursing education online
  • Focused education is available online in a number of different courses and specializations
  • Many online degree and certificate options offered through distance learning

Training to become a nurse means the potential for employment opportunities in any area with a healthcare center. Careers in public health, private practice, emergency nursing, and more are all possible with an online degree. In the nursing field, career opportunities are as rich as the education you're willing to obtain.

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