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There once was a kingdom where children devoured piles of books at a time, stretching their imaginations as far as they would go. See how an online training course can give you the inspiration and practical knowledge you need to be a children's writer.

If you've raised children, you already know the power of a child's imagination. Refrigerator boxes become castles, couches are trampolines, and the new carpet is a lava field, passable only by leaps across dining room chairs.

Adults who write for children still have a part of that exciting imagination within them, and a love and empathy for children that no distance learning program can teach. But if you've already got that, an online training course can teach you necessary elements of the business.

Learn the Basics with a Course Online

A course online in children's writing can give you structured training, providing the inspiration to produce and refine your ideas, along with information on how to write an exciting query letter, find an agent and a publisher, and finally see your work in print.

Many children's writers have a lot of imagination, but not a lot of experience with the business of writing. Distance learning programs in children's writing are a perfect place to start, because they blend creative training with practical knowledge. A typical online course in children's writing may include classes on copyright law, publishers, writer's block, writing for the popular market, finding an illustrator, and more.

The Benefits of Online Training

Have you ever gone to school in your pajamas? Taking a course online means that you can study and learn at your own pace. If you have children to care for, or a demanding job, enrolling in a distance learning program can mean more freedom to learn when you find the time.

After you take a course online to learn the details behind the children's writing industry, you can have more confidence to write and publish professional children's writing. And that's a happy ending.