Getting Ahead: Pursuing a Graduate-Level Online University Degree

Pursuing a Graduate-Level Online University Degree

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According to the Census Bureau those with master's degrees not only earn an average $10,000 more per year than those with bachelor's degrees alone, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes those with master's degrees also have a lower unemployment rate.

While it's clear that a master's degree can pay off in both increased pay and work opportunities generally, wages are even higher for those who complete their MBA.

Advanced Degree Options and Opportunities: Online Master's Degrees

Many online and campus-based universities now offer both MBA degrees and other master's degrees, completely online. But advanced online university programs aren't limited to MBA degrees--you can also get your online master's degree in areas like computer science, education, and human resources.

Getting Your Master's Degree Online

If the idea of working around a rigid schedule or finding time to sit in a classroom has held you back from pursuing your MBA or other master's degree, then it's time to consider an online university degree program. Online master's degree programs are a convenient and effective way to advance your career. Depending on your area of study, master's degree programs can take anywhere from ten months to two years or longer to complete.

It's important to choose an online university degree program that not only meets your needs, but is accredited by a Department of Education-recognized accrediting body. This ensures that your master's degree, MBA, or other advanced degree obtained through an online university degree program meets national quality standards and will be recognized by other institutions and future employers.

The MBA Advantage

According to a survey by, the average MBA salary in US rose to over $93,200 in 2014 with over 13% growth when compared with 2013. In addition, job opportunities for those with MBAs are also on the rise.

If you opt to get your MBA online, you'll have the option of completing a traditional MBA program focused on basic business management skills or specializing in a particular area, such as finance.

No matter what type of advanced degree you choose to pursue, from a master's in education to an MBA, you can be confident that earning it online will be not only convenient, but a great way to increase your career potential.

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