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5 Hot Jobs for Associate Degree Holders

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released data on the fastest growing jobs for 2010-2020. Here are five of the hottest jobs for those with an associate degree.

5 Online Certifications for Career Advancement

A popular form of adult education, online certificate programs allow working professionals to advance in their current jobs or transition into a new career without going back to school for a new degree. Read about 5 of the hottest fields for certificate programs.

Is My Master's Degree Worth It?

Is a master's degree a good career investment? Find out what recent research reveals about the value of graduate school and learn three questions every student should ask before enrolling in a master's degree program.

It's Christmas! Treat yourself to an advanced degree

You’ve bought a present for everyone on your list, but did you remember to get something special for yourself? A master’s degree can give you a better job, more money, improved health and more!

It's Never Too Late to Get Your Diploma

Earning a high school diploma through an online education program can help you qualify for more and better-paying jobs.

Post-Recession Blues for Doctoral Programs

The budget crisis has had a huge impact of doctoral programs across the country, but there's still hope for would-be PhDs.

Prepare for These 5 High-Growth Occupations with a Diploma Course

You don't have to go to school for years to break into a terrific occupation in a high-growth industry. See how these diploma courses can have you trained for an entry position and on your way in as little as several months.

Pursuing a Graduate-Level Online University Degree

Getting Ahead: Pursuing a Graduate-Getting your master's degree online not only increases your earning potential, it gives you the skills and knowledge necessary to compete in today's global marketplace. While there are a variety of master's degrees which can be obtained online, one of the most lucrative is the Masters of Business Administration degree (MBA).

The Flexible Education: Get a Bachelor's Degree Online

Did you know you can earn an accredited bachelor's degree online, with lower tuition and more flexible scheduling than a traditional college?

The Great Debate: Is College Worth the Cost?

In the late 20th century, a college degree was assumed to have a net positive outcome for those who pursued one. Due to rising cost, inadequate student preparation and time spent out of the job market, whether or not to attend college in the 21st century has become a complicated question.

What is a Terminal Degree?

Harvard is ending its Ed.D. program in favor of a Ph.D. While the degrees differ in focus, they share a spot at the top of the educational ladder. Learn more about terminal degree options and career paths.