What Can You Do with an AutoCAD Certificate?

What Can You Do with an AutoCAD Certificate?

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Computer-aided design holds an important place among design specializations. Whether you're creating a multi-story office building or designing a set of diamond earrings, this powerful computer technology can set your work apart from the rest.

AutoCAD is the standard software application for designers who need their work to be precise and accurate. Computer-aided design software like AutoCAD can allow designers to combine images with exact specifications, which then can be used in construction and manufacturing.

Popular Applications for AutoCAD
Creative and technical professions alike rely on the professional level of design that AutoCAD software provides. Even entry-level jobs in some design fields require a working knowledge of computer-aided design programs. CAD skills may be necessary for the following professions:

  • Interior design
  • Architecture
  • Commercial and industrial design
  • Landscape architecture

Manufacturing is another popular industry for workers with career education in AutoCAD. The software is typically used to create blueprints for complex parts, machinery, and products, such as:

  • Aerospace products and parts
  • Machinery
  • Motor vehicle and parts
  • Textiles and apparel

Studying for an AutoCAD Certificate
Due to its broad functionality, CAD software can be complex. A certificate in AutoCAD and similar software will ensure that you have an equally broad skill set.

Although certificate or education programs can't guarantee employment in particular careers, hiring managers may prefer applicants who have formal education with AutoCAD technology. Whether you're hoping to enter the field or advance in it, career education can help.

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