Career Outlook in Welding Industry

The Facts about Online Welding Degree Programs

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If you have the ability to concentrate for a long time, enjoy completing a task all at once, and enjoy working with your hands, you might want to consider getting an online education in welding. And if a steady paycheck interests you, you should know that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the median salary for welders in May 2013 was $35,800 with top 10% making more than $51,610.

Get the Facts about Online Welding Degree Programs

If you are already working or have other commitments that keep you from going back to school full-time, an online degree program in welding might be a good option to consider. Many online education programs allow you to complete lessons at your own pace. Many educational institutions offer various online classes in welding, which can lead to certification programs or to a master's degrees in welding engineering.

Online Welding Degree Program Coursework

The following coursework is often required to receive a certificate or degree in welding:

  • Mechanical drawing
  • Physics
  • Blueprint reading
  • Metallurgy
  • Chemistry

In addition to these courses, if you decide to pursue an online degree in welding, you can also take classes in electricity and computers because they are a vital part of the welding industry.

Employment in the Welding Industry

While jobs in the welding industry are expected to grow more slowly than the average, the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that those with training in welding should easily be able to find jobs because many welders are retiring, industries such as construction and utilities are hiring more welders, and many employers have reported that they have trouble finding qualified employees. Thus, completing an online welding degree program is a perfect way to be competitive in this industry.

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