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The hospitality and culinary industries are large industries. Hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, and clubs all hire employees with education and career training in hospitality and the culinary arts. A college degree is one way to stand out. Online education is a good option for students that need flexibility to work or raise a family.

Hospitality and Culinary Arts Coursework

An associate's degree in hospitality and culinary arts will include classes in management, purchasing, scheduling, nutrition, baking, sauce making, and the cuisines of the world. This degree, paired with plenty of career training, can help you get on a managerial career track or even be a great knowledge base from which to jump into hotel or restaurant ownership.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the hotel industry alone employs over 1.8 million people. The number is expected to grow at a rate faster than in other industries. Average salaries in this field range from $300 to $600 weekly. Many positions include the potential for tips, which sometimes provide more than fifty percent of a worker's income.

Career Outlook

  • Projected job growth for hotel managers by 2016: 12 percent
  • Median chef salary, 2007: $40,700
  • Top 10 percent of chef salaries, 2007: $65,000

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