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As the use of computers and technology grows, so does the need for qualified professionals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the IT field should continue to see growing job opportunities through 2016. An associate's degree in technology and IT can prepare you to take advantage of this growing field. Various careers are available in computer science, as well as network and database administration.

Online education programs offer college degrees in computer science and other related career fields. Typical coursework includes computer systems, computer technology, information science, computer science, and more. Today's employers traditionally want employees who have strong problem skills and a broad knowledge of the technology and IT field. By pursuing an associate's degree, you can successfully prepare yourself through valuable career training.

Technology and IT Job Opportunities

After earning your college degree, you can pursue a variety of careers, such as database administration or computer science.

  • IT careers with fastest growth, 2008-2018: Network systems and data communications analysts (53 percent), computer application engineers (34 percent)
  • Earning potential: Average annual salary for network systems and data communication analyst: $76,560
  • Typical information technology courses: operation systems, data mining and warehousing, computer programming

(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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