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If you love to work with your hands, an electrician associate's degree might be a powerful avenue for you to explore. Electricians work with wires that bring electricity to new and existing homes and commercial buildings. Some electricians work on factory equipment. Increasingly, technology applications need electricians to install coaxial cable and fiber-optic wiring.

Education Options for Aspiring Electricians

As is true in other building trades, electricians traditionally go through a hands-on apprenticeship. However, classroom learning also is required, and you can start by getting an electrician associate's degree. Most associate's degree programs include classes in electrical theory and math. If you are looking to continue your education as you work, you may want to pursue advanced education through online programs. An online education can be a flexible way to finish your associate's degree. After completing your associate's degree, be prepared for a long-term apprenticeship period, which typically lasts 2,000 hours.

Career Outlook

  • Best location for electricians: Any rapidly growing regions of the country
  • Greatest job opportunities: Construction industry and new power plants
  • Best type of training: Programs that teach a wide variety of skills including data, voice, and video wiring
  • Median salary for electricians as of 2006: $20.97 per hour

Bureau of Labor Statistics, Electricians

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