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Customer service representatives provide a crucial link between goods/services and the people who need them. They interact with both customers and other companies, answering questions thoroughly and addressing complaints tactfully. Because the people they deal with are necessarily varied, customer service professionals should be patient, skilled communicators.

Customer Service: Education and Opportunities

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that employers are increasingly seeking candidates who hold college degrees. Online education courses in computers, English, and business provide helpful career training to those who aim for these positions. More specific career training is often supplied on the job, and usually includes phone and computer system tutorials, as well as product and service information.

Customer service representatives are employed in a wide range of jobs, and may work as bank tellers, telemarketers, or as part of a floor sales staff. If you find yourself well suited to serve as the last point of contact between customer, and sale, begin your online education today. A bachelor's degree can make you more marketable to today's employers.

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