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A bachelor's degree program in school counseling is designed to give you the education you need to provide personal, social, educational, and vocational support to students. Coursework in school counseling includes elements of education, child psychology, group dynamics, and more.

Although some career paths for school counseling require master's degrees, many call for a bachelor's degree followed by the acquisition of a certificate. Requirements can vary by state, grade level, and whether a school is public or private.

School Counseling: From Degree Program to Career

Following your graduation from a school counseling program, your career may focus primarily on helping with the academic, career, personal, and social development of young people, some of whom may have special needs and other challenges. Alternatively, you may focus your career on helping students identify and achieve their academic and career goals. A bachelor's degree in school counseling can be gained either through on-campus or online education, so you have flexibility with when and where you earn your college degree.

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