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Social science embodies several different intellectual and career pursuits, but all are bound together by the quest for knowledge about human behavior and its repercussions. Those who aspire to earn a college degree in a social science should be inquisitive, methodical, and possess excellent written communication skills, as publishing research papers accounts for a sizeable part of many social scientists' work.

Career Opportunities in Social Science

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lists an impressive catalog of subcategories under the social science umbrella. Would you like to spend your time out of the office, doing fieldwork on important cultural discoveries? You can obtain the necessary career education with a college degree in anthropology, archaeology, or geography.

Or maybe you're a news junkie whose passion for current events rivals that of a television reporter. A political science major--which can prepare you for a career that in 2007 boasted a mean annual wage of $90,050, according to the BLS--might fit the bill. Whatever your interests, online education can help provide the career education you need without interrupting your busy schedule.

Online education courses vary dramatically by specialty, but may include history, linguistics, American government, geography, and statistics.

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