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If you are very organized and like to work behind the scenes, consider a career in management or leadership. For example, you might become an administrative services manager who coordinates the logistics of a company. You could be in charge of everything from making sure the mail is delivered to helping plan employee travel and overseeing payroll. As you advance in the field you'll gain more responsibilities, such as managing the budget and even setting organizational goals.

Are You Management Material?

This is a competitive field, but with the proper "go-getter" attitude and a great deal of perseverance, you can achieve great success. Bachelor's degrees are typically the minimum requirement for professional jobs. To get ahead in the field, you can pursue a college degree in management or a related field, but in some instances, a Certified Manager designation can be even more helpful. In larger companies, there may be room for internal advancement and promotions, but smaller organizations may employ only one individual to take charge of all of these responsibilities.

Career Outlook

Potential careers with management and leadership education:

Advertising Manager:

  • Median annual salary for advertising managers in 2010:  $108,260
  • Number of jobs, 2010:  216,800
  • Job growth (2010-2020):  14% (about as fast as average)

Administrative Services Managers:

  • Median salary for administrative services managers in 2010:  $77,890
  • Number of jobs, 2010:  254,300
  • Job growth (2010-2020):  15% (about as fast as average)

Other possible careers:

  • Public Relations Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Purchasing and Buying Manager