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The essence of project management is taking an idea from inspiration to actualization. As a project manager, it is your responsibility to keep the big picture in mind while preventing details from falling through the cracks. You will handle the interpersonal elements and logistics of your project, so you must have excellent communications skills and be able to multitask effectively. You will also need good analytical skills and experience managing budgets and handling finances.

Preparing for a Project Management Position

Most companies require that entry-level project managers have a college degree, but since the field encompasses such a broad range of skills and responsibilities, the specific field of study is less proscribed. You can go on for a master's degree in project management, and career training on the job is also an option. One of the great things about project management is that it is really a set of skills rather than a defined body of knowledge, so you can work in a wide variety of industries and have diverse and changing career path.

Career Outlook

Potential careers with project management education:

Architectural and Engineering Manager:

  • Median salary of architectural and engineering managers in 2010:  $119,260
  • Number of jobs, 2010:  176,800
  • Job growth:  9% (slower than average)

Construction Managers:

  • Median salary for construction managers in 2010:  $83,860
  • Number of jobs, 2010:  523,100
  • Job growth (2010-2020):  17% (about as fast as average)

Other possible careers:

  • Industrial Production Manager
  • Administrative Services Manager
  • Marketing Manager