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Since 1929, the California Contractors State License Board has been issuing California Contractor Licenses in order to help property owners find quality workmanship. Earning a license requires compliance with the apprenticeship rules of the trade and success on two mandatory licensing exams. Contracting without a license can result in a fine of up to $15,000 per job. Repeat offenders can even be sent to jail.

CA Contractor: Steps to Take

Why take contractor's license courses?

First and most obviously, by earning your license you can perform contracting duties legally, without the risk of getting fined for doing large construction work. Furthermore, training for the California Contractor License examination not only helps apprentices learn important skills for the job, but it can shorten the length of the apprenticeship period; just request that  your training hours be applied toward an apprenticeship.

Contractor's License Opens Up New Possibilities To Any Contractor:

  • You can protect yourself financially and legally
  • Gain prestige as a professional
  • Qualify for small business loans
  • Advertise your new business knowing you are 100% state compliant

Career Outlook

  • Number of active California Contractor Licenses issued, as of 2006: over 302,000
  • Average number of applications received weekly: 650
  • Number of California Contractor License checks requested each year by phone: 183,000
  • Number of checks requested each year online: Over 44 million
  • Percentage of California Contractor License applications rejected due to simple errors: 36%

Contracting Jobs in California

Savvy customers understand the importance of doing business with a licensed contractor. Since launching its online database in 2005, the California Contractors State License Board has fielded nearly a million status checks per week from consumers. Earning a California Contractor License is an essential step for solo professionals who want to make a living in this competitive state.

Training for a California Contractor License involves more than just preparing for the mandatory exams. You'll gain an understanding of the application process, which can be so confusing that over a third of applicants accidentally invalidate their requests by making clerical errors. Professional California Contractor License training offers a way to avoid simple mistakes on both the application and the examinations.

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