Online Accounting Schools in San Diego

Online Accounting Schools in San Diego

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Sporting a 70.5 degree average daily temperature and numerous city-sponsored economic development programs, San Diego offers appealing  opportunities for establishing or relocating companies. The Port of San Diego houses the country's naval fleet, creating favorable opportunities for defense contractors and supporting businesses. Nearby Mexico represents a thriving import-export gateway. All these industries can provide potential job opportunities for accountants in San Diego.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), San Diego also had an unemployment rate of 5.2 percent in December 2014, two percentage points lower than the statewide rate of 7.1 percent. Wages in the city tend to be higher than elsewhere in the nation as well--BLS data shows a mean annual income of $53,020 in San Diego compared to $47,230 nationwide.

San Diego has an educated workforce. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 34.6 percent of San Diego residents aged 25 and above hold a bachelor's degree or higher compared to 30.7 percent for California as a whole. Online accounting schools in San Diego can help you earn a degree and compete in the San Diego labor market.

Online Accounting Schools in San Diego

Some local San Diego universities use a hybrid approach, combining on-campus and online credits toward your bachelor's degree in accounting. There are many nationally based online colleges offering online degree programs while maintaining local support and facilities. Accounting degree programs normally take four years for a bachelor's degree, six for a master's degree, and another year for the post-baccalaureate certificate plus CPA exam preparation. Time to graduation varies at online accounting schools in San Diego, giving you the flexibility to work at your own pace.

Online accounting courses in San Diego follow a standard curriculum and include coursework in topics like business law, tax code, and payroll accounting.

Accounting Careers in San Diego

The mean annual income for accountants and auditors in San Diego was $78,030 in May 2014, as compared to $73,670 nationally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. Some jobs you could pursue after graduating from online accounting schools in San Diego include chief in-house accountant, middle management financial executive, internal-external auditing, upper-level financial positions, and independent financial consultant.

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