My Husband is an Engineer, How Can He Become a Teacher?

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My husband has an engineering degree from the Air Force Academy, and he would like to become a teacher. How can he do this, and what does he need to do? Thank you.

I have good news for you! Your husband is more than half way towards getting the credentials he needs for teaching in most states, because he has a college degree. More good news - there is a shortage of teachers throughout the country right now. Here's what I suggest that he do.He should contact the school district headquarters in your area and ask to speak to the recruitment office. He should have several copies of his degree and transcripts on hand. He can tell them what level he's interested in teaching and when he's available. They should be able to tell him whether he needs to take any additional courses to be eligible to apply.It might be easier to get a position teaching in high school with his background but that shouldn't stop him from going into elementary or middle school.

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