Can You Study Online to Become an LPN?

Can You Study Online to Become an LPN?

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How can I study online to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN)?

Practical and vocational nursing degrees are available at a variety of nursing schools and community colleges across the country, but it's less likely you'll find one that's entirely online, since nursing students must learn so many hands-on clinical techniques. But there are plenty of blended courses and online certificate programs you can choose that will enhance your LPN career. LPN-to-BSN degrees, for example, are offered online to help practical nurses move up the career ladder. A forensic nursing certificate might add a little spice to your workday.

Visit the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) to search for approved programs by state. Or you could check with community colleges and vocational schools in your state that offer LPN diplomas; they might offer some online classes in the areas of theory and administration.

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