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I graduated from an accredited CSWE college 12 years ago with my MSW. Since graduation, I've worked in medical, psychiatric, and nephrology social work--direct practice at first, the past five years mainly as a director/administrator. Additionally, for eight years, I have been a field education instructor at a California State University.

I'd like to know where to begin the application process to be an instructor/teacher for an online or distance education school/college. With the abundant growth and demand for distance learning courses and curriculums, there has got to be an increased need for the professional who instructs the virtual classes, right?

Respectfully, Timothy

You're right: online education is booming, and that means there will be more and more opportunities for online teachers. So where do you find those teaching jobs? Right here on our higher education job board! Though some schools draw from their regular campus faculty instead of advertising online teaching positions online (ironic, isn't it?), the demand for online faculty is on the rise. As schools begin casting their nets wider, here are some strategies for casting your own.

  • Network Online with Online Teachers. Discussion boards like the Yahoo! group 'Make a Living Teaching Online' are a gold mine for advice and valuable contacts. The moderator of the Yahoo! group co-authored Make Money Teaching Online: How to Land Your First Academic Job, Build Credibility, and Earn a Six-Figure Salary. Also check out, another forum for online teachers.
  • Contact Online Institutions Directly. These institutions are experiencing the most dramatic growth, and they are more likely to consider outside applicants. In addition, these schools will probably weigh your work experience more heavily than traditional non-profit universities.
  • Apply for Faculty Position On Campus. Pay your dues by teaching on campus, then transition into an online position.

With some perseverance, you may find just the right online teaching position for you.

Good luck!

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