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I am looking into an online program to start my bachelor's in Social Work. What courses will I have to focus on? I want to major in Social Work.

You'll find plenty of options for getting your Bachelor in Social Work (BSW) online. Each school will offer a different curriculum, but you can expect to spend the first half of the program (two years or less) taking general education courses and the second half specializing in your chosen field, social work. Generally, BSW programs also require an internship before graduation.

During the first two years, you'll take general humanities, social science, science, and math classes. Some of these breadth requirements will require you to take a specific course such as Reading and Composition; some may allow you to choose from a list of electives (Biology, Chemistry, or Physics to satisfy the science requirement, for example).

During the final two years, you'll take classes specific to your field. Expect to see courses covering topics such as social work ethics, working with a diverse population, social welfare policy, and human growth and development.

The academic counselor at your chosen school can provide you more detailed information about which classes you'll need to take to get your Bachelor in Social Work.

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