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Become an Animation Specialist

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Animators have delighted audiences for years--from the earliest Mickey Mouse and Disney cartoons to the latest cutting-edge video games. Whether it be through cartoons, movies, or video games, almost everyone has been exposed to the work of animators at one point or another.

If you have a background in design or fine arts, you may enjoy retraining to become an animation specialist. If this is a career you want to explore, you can improve your skills through online animation specialist training courses.

Animation Specialist Career Skills: A Summary

Are you gifted with envisioning a visual sequence? Do you enjoy being creative and know your way around a computer? Are you looking for a way to bring these abilities together to create enjoyment for others? A next step for you could be to improve your skills and specifically retrain as an animation specialist.

Animators used to painstakingly draw their animations frame by frame. Now that computers are an integral part of animation, these artist/technicians can be more creative and complete their work in a shorter amount of time than ever before.

Career Advice: Making the Move

If you want to explore the world of animation, one option is further education. A bachelor's degree is typically required for employment as an animation specialist. However, other educational options offered by online animation schools can provide you with extra training to transition into the field. With courses in computer techniques, the visual arts, computer graphics, illustration, and visual display software, you can improve your skills to find a position in this exciting field.

Today, the National Association of Schools of Arts and Design have accredited 287 institutions with programs in arts and design. Some of these institutions may even offer online animation specialist training courses as part of their degree programs.

With the huge popularity of video games, entertainment on the Internet, and computer generated graphics in the film industry, this career should remain strong well into the economy of the future.