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Border patrol is an area of law enforcement that deals with monitoring America's borders. If you have always enjoyed a sense of adventure and like upholding policy, you could improve your skills by retraining as a border patrol officer. In this position, you would be helping to guard against drug smuggling and terrorism, as well as monitoring illegal immigration. Online border patrol training courses combined with hands-on experience can help you enter this rigorous and challenging field.

Exploring the Career Skills of Border Patrol: Retrain for Your New Career

Border patrol officers are the front-line people who make sure that our country is safe from terrorism and drug bands, while also upholding immigration laws. Additionally, these officers provide safety for those who are legally entering at the border points. A strained economy may increase difficulties at our borders as people everywhere feel the pressure to survive financially. Border patrol officers respond to current conditions and understand when illegal activities might be on the rise.

To do well in this specialized area of law enforcement, you must be physically fit, tough-minded, and not easily intimidated. You will need to understand the legal system and care about enforcing policy. Other career skills you'll need include the ability to communicate clearly and work well as part of a team. This occupation can be dangerous and stressful, so an ability to stay calm in crisis situations is an important career skill as well.

Career Advice for Border Patrol: Entry Points

To begin as a border patrol officer you must first be in law enforcement. While backgrounds for law enforcement can range from high school degrees to a four-year education, there are also many different tests (including physical) that an officer will have to take in order to qualify. Online law enforcement schools can be quite useful as you retrain, giving you specialized information to improve your skills for this particular field.

Career Outlook for Border Patrol Officers

  • Total number of miles patrolled by U.S. Border Patrol agents including American borders and water boundaries: 8,000 miles
  • Total number of people entering the United States screened by the border patrol in 2014: 374 million
  • Benefits typically received by U.S. Border Patrol agents: Health/dental/vision insurance, life insurance, 10 paid holidays a year, tuition assistance, and a retirement savings plan
  • Mandatory employment checks for border patrol candidates: Education and employment history, mental health, citizenship verification, and drug screening
  • Average number of passengers and pedestrians screened daily by the U.S. Border Patrol: 1,026,234
  • Formal career training degrees or certificates considered for U.S. Border Patrol applicants: Police Science, Law Enforcement, or Homeland Security (bachelor's degrees preferred)
  • Average number in pounds of narcotics seized daily by the U.S. Border Patrol: 10,327 pounds
  • Year Congress established the U.S. Border Patrol: 1924

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